Landfill Communities Fund

Since 1997, Ulster Wildlife has helped distribute over £10 million to over 500 worthwhile community and environmental projects across Northern Ireland. Ulster Wildlife continues to administer the Landfill Communities Fund but, as some landfill sites have closed, activity is now restricted to only two council areas where groups can apply for funding for a variety of environmental projects.

Landfill Communities Fund logoFor each tonne of waste disposed in a Landfill site a tax is paid. The Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) allows the Operator of the landfill site to pay a percentage of this tax to organisations called ‘Environmental Bodies’ (EBs). This money can be used to fund community and environmental projects that comply with the objects contained in the Landfill Tax Regulations.

The LCF aims to address some of the impacts of landfill activity by improving the environment in the vicinity of landfill sites.


All distributors of the LCF are regulated by ENTRUST on behalf of HM Customs and Revenue. Ulster Wildlife is required to submit all project applications to ENTRUST for registration.

ENTRUST is responsible for ensuring EBs comply with the regulations. An approved scheme has to be registered with ENTRUST and must be undertaken through an approved EB. ENTRUST charge an administration fee for this service.

Criteria for applying

When making an application for Landfill Communities Funding, projects must:

  1. adhere to our LCF application procedures as laid out below
  2. satisfy LCF Object D (public parks and amenities), DA (biological diversity) or E (buildings of religious, architectural or historical interest) 
  3. have a community benefit
  4. have a positive environmental benefit 
  5. have clear aims and objectives 
  6. command the necessary cashflow to complete the project

Process leading to grant approval

  1. Expression of interest received by Ulster Wildlife
  2. Landfill Operator (LO) approval to allocate funds to the project
  3. Completed application to Ulster Wildlife
  4. Application registered with ENTRUST (LCF Regulatory Body)
  5. Letter of offer from Ulster Wildlife
  6. Project commences

Am I eligible?

Project applicants must:

  • Be a constituted body with auditable accounts
  • Have sufficient cash flow to begin the project

Projects must:

Download and read full LCF Application Guidelines.

*Please note that Ulster Wildlife does not administer Landfill Communities Fund across all NI areas. However, other Environmental Bodies hold funds for other areas (ie Biffaward, Groundwork NI). Do check with these to see if they cover your area.

How do I apply? 

If you are interested in making an application contact us in the first instance to discuss what you have in mind; or if you have any questions surrounding the application process please contact:

Nicky Lowry, LCF Grants Officer
Ulster Wildlife, McClelland House, 10 Heron Road, Belfast, BT3 9LE
Tel: 028 9046 3132 Email: