Save Our Magnificent Meadows

Ox-eye daisies (c) Gemma de GouveiaOx-eye daisies (c) Gemma de Gouveia

Wildflower meadows and grasslands are one of the UK’s most diverse and threatened habitats but they’re under threat with only 2% of the habitat that existed in the 1930's remaining today.


Ulster Wildlife are delighted to announce that, together with our national partners Plantlife, we have been successful in acquiring funding that will help us to protect and restore some of the remaining fragments of grasslands that exist throughout Fermanagh and Tyrone.

The project will aim to conserve these habitats through a combination of practical work and community and landowner engagement. We will provide fencing to allow cattle to graze off choking grasses that are threatening marsh fritillary colonies – a European priority species. We will also undertake brush harvesting of seed from flowers and grasses on high quality existing meadows and transport and seed into lower quality meadows to restore species diversity within other patches.

The project will also support our high nature value farmers in the area by providing advice, farming equipment and the opportunity to feed into and enhance farming policy so that it is more reflective of the difficulties of farming in Fermanagh and South West Tyrone.

Our local communities will also get the chance to engage with a range of events that will help them enjoy their meadow habitats and learn skills that they can use to carve out a career in land management or farming, or just for their own enjoyment.

This project has been supported by our local stakeholders at NIEA, Butterfly Conservation, European Forum for Nature and Pastoralism and our biodiversity officer from Omagh, Dungannon and Fermanagh Councils.


To find out more, contact Giles Knight, Grassland Conservation Officer on 07703 673220 or email: