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Marine Education Stand at Pets at Home Newry

Posted: Thursday 19th July 2018 by LivingSeas

On 19 July, myself and Rosie, another Ulster Wildlife volunteer, made our way to Pets at Home Newry to set up a stand to talk about our amazing marine wildlife and the significance of helping our environment.

Upon arriving the staff at Pets at Home were very enthusiastic about us teaming up with them for the day to teach the public on the significance of our marine wildlife. We set up a small table with a powerpoint showing the marine life that exists within Carlingford Lough ranging from sea birds to molluscs and seals. Each slide had a small piece of information about different species and we used this as a prompt to talk about the different species, also it was good to allow people to ask questions about any marine wildlife that they were curious about.



We had our Shark mascot with us, appropriately named Dennis the Shark, and he was with us to talk about a few of the shark species. One of the main activities that we did with the children who came to visit was for them to colour in pictures of wildlife and write a message on the picture on how everyone can help wildlife. It was fantastic to see how all the children who visited us viewed Carlingford Lough and it’s inhabitants. Once they were finished writing their message they were able to put their picture on Dennis the Shark for everyone else to see.

We were able to talk to the children too about more species of Carlingford Lough that may not be commonly known such as the slender sea pen, or our native edible oyster.

It was a great day where the public was able to learn about our marine wildlife and we gained new insights on how people viewed marine wildlife. In addition to talking about marine species, we were able to talk to people about plastic pollution and how damaging it can be. The children definitely had fun learning about how to use the litter picker to collect litter that was placed on the floor.
It is important to understand that litter severely impacts our marine environment and plastic is having such a negative impact on marine wildlife from plankton, to sea birds to whales and dolphins.

A bonus to the day was the very clever dog who was demonstrating tricks with it’s owners, so a wonderful finish to a wonderful day.

Edel Parr

Ulster Wildlife Volunteer

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