Power NI Partnership

Power NI Partnership

Ballynahone Bog Nature Reserve (c) Ben Hall 2020 Vision

Ulster Wildlife and Power NI are working together to protect and restore our precious peatlands

Peatlands cover just 3% of the world’s surface and yet hold twice as much carbon as all the world’s forests combined, illustrating their global significance in mitigating climate change. Here in Northern Ireland peatland covers about 18% of the country, more than double the area under trees, and store huge amounts of carbon.

But when our peatlands are damaged it can have devastating consequences on the habitat, the wildlife and ourselves. That makes restoring them urgent and essential.

Power NI has pledged its support to Ulster Wildlife’s peatlands protection projects through a two-year partnership, lending not only financial support but also helping the charity raise public awareness about environmental sustainability.

Together we will be:

Raising awareness of the importance of peatlands and peatland restoration

Encouraging other businesses and individuals to embrace sustainability through innovative green products and technologies. Something as simple as switching to paperless billing can make a difference, check out Power NI's Energy Online to make the switch today

Providing volunteering opportunities for Power NI staff on local Ulster Wildlife Nature Reserves - havens for our under threat native wildlife

and much more to come!

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Power NI & Ulster Wildlife

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