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Kayak Safari Portballintrae

Posted: Thursday 2nd August 2018 by LivingSeas

On 2 August, Dave and I set off to Portballintrae harbour for our kayaking safari under the watchful eye of kayak instuctors Paul Blanchard and Robin Ruddock from the Coast Office.

Our group of keen kayakers arrived and we all got geared up in our wetsuits before Paul gave us a safety briefing and lesson on how to use our paddles.

We all hopped into our kayaks and after a few wobbly starts we were off, and soon got the hang of it. The visibility in the water was great, so we could see lots of marine life. Dave and I provided some fun facts about the various creatures and seaweed that we could see. We pointed out barnacles, limpets, hermit crabs, periwinkles, dogwhelks, topshells, Japanese wireweed, kelp, oyster thief (a seaweed that takes off with oysters), an oystercatcher (a bird that doesn’t actually often catch oysters, but prefers mussels) and thongweed. Some other birds that we spotted included herring gulls, common gulls, redshank, eider, shags and a colony of nesting sand martins.





It was a very enjoyable event and a great way to spot marine life. Thanks to everyone who joined us and to Paul and Robin for leading the event.

Maeve Foley
Living Seas Trainee

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