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Living Seas film



Living Seas Activity Pack

This locally-focused pack can be used to aid in both formal and informal education and engagement with our local coasts and seas. It can be used as a resource to create and implement follow-up sessions after a Living Seas workshop, such as "Experiencing Our Seas", "Ocean Giants" or "Love Our Living Seaweeds" and links into the same themes with supplementary information and activity ideas.

Guides to our coasts

These guides provide an introduction to our local seas and coasts, and why our seas are important for the life within them and for people all over Northern Ireland.


FilenameFile size
Living Seas booklet13.29 MB
Basking shark information sheet2.24 MB
Bottlenose dolphin information sheet659.62 KB
Common seal information sheet1.39 MB
Common skate information sheet4.08 MB
Conger eel information sheet5.94 MB
Cuckoo wrasse information sheet3.32 MB
Grey seal information sheet8.03 MB
Harbour porpoise information sheet1.76 MB
Horse mussel information sheet4.78 MB
Thornback ray information sheet3.25 MB