Competition invites schoolchildren to tackle marine litter with art

Wednesday 5th December 2018

2018 winner: Plastic Litter Fish by Mill Strand Integrated Primary School 2018 winner: Plastic Litter Fish by Mill Strand Integrated Primary School

Schoolchildren across Northern Ireland are being encouraged to explore the growing problem of marine litter in our seas by creating a piece of artwork from everyday plastic items strewn across their local shores.

The Marine Litter Art Competition, organised by Ulster Wildlife and the NI Science Festival, is part of an ongoing effort to raise awareness of the serious and growing problem of marine litter, particularly plastics, in our seas, and its impact on our wildlife.

Students, from both primary and secondary schools including those being home educated, are invited to create an interesting and engaging 3D marine wildlife-themed art piece using commonly found litter such as plastic bottles, tops, and foam packaging which they have collected from a local beach.

The winning pieces will be used to highlight the issue of marine litter at Ulster Wildlife events around the coast in 2019. The two overall winning entries from both primary and secondary schools will also receive tickets for 30 students and 2 teachers to attend an event at the NI Science Festival 2019.

Dave Wall, Living Seas Officer with Ulster Wildlife said, “Each year, eight million tonnes of plastic litter is dumped in our seas and is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our ocean. This has serious impacts on our marine wildlife such as seabirds, seals and sharks, which mistake it as food or die from getting entangled in it. Our competition encourages young people to tackle marine litter with art and to think about how they can play their part in reducing plastic pollution in their everyday lives.”

The closing date for entries is Monday 21 January 2019. Find out more about the Marine Litter Art Competition and apply.

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