Jenny Bristow is our new Ambassador

Celebrity Chef, Jenny Bristow is announced as the new Ambassador for the local eCelebrity Chef, Jenny Bristow is announced as the new Ambassador for the local environmental charity, Ulster Wildlife.

Jenny’s role as an Ambassador will see her lending her support and profile to champion the work of Ulster Wildlife.

Here Jenny discusses with the members her reasoning for taking on the role of our new celebrity Ambassador which has been timed to coincide with the launch of our exciting new Ulster Wildlife brand.

"As a country girl I grew up on a Jersey Dairy Farm, surrounded by woodland and a river, with nature quite literally on my doorstep. I am very proud to be from Northern Ireland and I think we are lucky here to enjoy a wide variety of stunning landscapes, a rich shoreline which is never far away, and wealth of native wildlife.

Most people will know that I now live with my husband Bobby on a farm just outside Cullybackey. This has allowed me to pass onto our children the same love for nature that I have. I cannot think of a better gift and I hope they will in turn pass on their love and respect for the environment to their children.

When Ulster Wildlife approached me I did not have to think about it for a second, I instantly said yes. I had heard about the great work that Ulster Wildlife does to protect local wildlife and once I learned more about their work with children and vulnerable adults I was completely sold. As a local charity, Ulster Wildlife champions all that is best about Northern Ireland and as a local chef, I aim to champion all that is best about Northern Ireland food and produce, so it was a ‘natural’ fit.

I hope to lend my profile to help Ulster Wildlife to raise awareness of environmental issues that affect all of us living in Northern Ireland. The environment is absolutely essential to all aspects of our lives, from the food we eat, to the water we drink and the air we breathe. Not to mention providing jobs and wonderful spaces to relax in.

As an Ambassador for Ulster Wildlife, I hope to help make more people aware of the value of our local environment and encourage them to support it and the work of Ulster Wildlife.

As I am involved in the food industry and my husband is a design engineer and part time farmer, I hope that in my role as Ambassador I can help educate others in the importance of using locally grown produce when cooking not just to benefit the environment, but also because it tastes great. Robert has done a great deal around our farm to help create habitats for wildlife and maybe we can share our experience with others and encourage them to do the same.

I am known as Ireland’s good food ambassador, and I have always championed local produce and local growers, being an Ambassador for Ulster Wildlife will only encourage me to do this more than ever."