The barn owl is one of our most iconic species but sadly one of our most endangered, with less than 30 to 50 breeding pairs left in Northern Ireland.

In the last few years, we have identified four active barn owl nest sites. Sadly, in 2018, two of those were lost – one when weather downed a tree and one due to a road traffic accident – causing our tiny barn owl population to plummet.

Without your help, barn owls face an uncertain future in Northern Ireland. With your help, we can provide new homes for barn owls; secure existing nest sites; improve foraging habitat; skill-up volunteers to survey and monitor barn owls and ultimately improve the plight of this much-loved species.

Please donate today & help give barn owls a brighter future

Daylight footage of barn owl chicks raised in a nest box on the Ards Peninsula. These are the first known barn owls in Northern Ireland to have been raised in a man-made nest box. Courtesy of the Calvert family. 

We need to raise approximately £20k annually to sustain our barn owl conservation work.

£1000 could allow us to radio tag a barn owl, track its movements and range for 6 months, giving us an important insight into the lives and behaviours of individual birds

£500 could allow us to purchase, install and monitor a camera trap on an existing site, enabling more people to see, up close, the habits of this elusive species.

£200 could purchase night vision binoculars for our volunteer site monitors. Binoculars can help us locate key foraging and nest sites, enabling us to target key those sites for remedial and improvement works.

£150 could enable us to train and upskill 20 volunteers at a barn owl survey workshop, creating more conservation champions for this iconic species.

£100 could help us build and install a barn owl nest box. For the last three years, barn owls have produced chicks at a site on the Ards Peninsula – a huge conservation success story! Your donation could replicate this win for nature across other sites in Northern Ireland.

£50 could help us improve and reinforce existing nest boxes through remedial carpentry work.

£10 could improve 1m of hedgerow – an important habitat for barn owl prey species.


Please donate today & help secure the future of barns owls in Northern Ireland.