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Snorkel Safari at Cranfield Beach

Posted: Friday 20th July 2018 by LivingSeas

On 20 July 2018, despite it being a dull day we set out for a spectacular day at Cranfield Beach in County Down for a fun day of Snorkelling.

The plan was to explore the shallow waters along Cranfield beach to see what was in our waters. The day began when we all gathered in the car park at Cranfield and began preparation for the afternoon’s events. Before any gear was given a health and safety talk was given, as well as pairing up those who were attending the event to their snorkelling instructors. Once those details had concluded we began to set everyone up with their snorkelling gear which included wet suits, boots, flippers and of course a mask and snorkel.
Despite the urge to put on the flippers and waddle down the beach like a penguin, those who were snorkelling carefully carried their fins down to the shore and put them on once they were in the water.



I was given the job of shore cover which included keeping an eye on people both in and out of the water. My duty was to assist those who needed help, and track people entering and exiting the water. I was also given the fun job of blowing the whistle when the snorkelling time was up.

To alert everyone that the snorkelling time was up I loudly blew the whistle three times and that made everyone aware. After coming out, everyone was feeling rather chilly as it was a chilly afternoon, but everyone certainly had fun. The children excitedly talked about the seaweeds, sponges starfish, fish and crabs they saw underwater. They were so excited to have seen so many things from a different perspective.

After getting dried and warmed up we all had some tea and coffee, plus a biscuit! It was a lovely afternoon despite people struggling to get into and out of the wetsuit gear.

Edel Parr

Living Seas Volunteer

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