Christmas Waste Workshop at Warrenpoint

On 9 December, Ulster Widlife and Love Your Lough held a recycling craft afternoon in St. Peters Parish hall in Warrenpoint. The idea of the event was to teach children (and grown ups!) the importance of reducing waste at Christmas and how, by making their own eco friendly crafts, they can recycle and have fun at Christmas.

Throughout the afternoon we had stations set up for different craft ideas. The children were able to make their own toilet roll reindeer, paint their own glass jars and even make their own Christmas decorations from modelling clay. They also had a chance to do some Christmas themed colouring. As the children were enjoying their arts and crafts session, I took the opportunity to talk to them about why they thought it was important to recycle and how they could help the environment.

Christmas Waste Workshop 2 2017

I even set up a bin recycling game where I the children were asked to sort which household litter item went into which bin. The children were definitely eager to learn and play. They were all very smart and quickly learned why each item went into each bin.

It was a lovely afternoon where short conversations were held on how we can help our environment and how doing little things can make a big difference. Our environment is fragile and it is everyone’s responsibility to help protect it. The biggest issue with Christmas is how commercialised it is and how the media influences us, and the massive amount of extra waste that is generated at this time of year.

With a little bit of work we can all make a big difference to help our environment to become more sustainable.

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