Coasteering at Dunseverick

On 1 August I headed to Dunseverick to join colleagues at the Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage trust for an afternoons Coasteering. For those not familiar with this particular pastime, it involves climbing coastal cliffs at great risk and then hurling yourself off them at even greater risk, into the sea!

It sounds like madness but it works and it’s highly addictive. The area around Dunseverick castle is a beautiful sheltered cove with rocky outcrops and deep, deep rock pools. Some of the rock pools are so deep you could go diving in them with full scuba gear.

Coasteering Dunseverick Jump 2016

Asides from the fun of it all, it’s a great way to explore some of the abundant sea life along this stretch of the Northern Ireland coastline. Many of the rock pools had sides which were adorned in a lush growth of hydroids and delicate lightbulb sea squirts. The base of the cliffs had a lush growth of sugar kelp. On fronds of oarweed, the iridescent blue stripes of blue rayed limpets were in abundance and beadlet anemones abounded in the shallows.

Despite the undoubted thrills and fun of jumping off cliffs, the main message I took from this event was that I wanted to come back with my snorkelling gear on, so to better explore these exposed shores.

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