Calling young people with a passion for wildlife and the environment! Join our Youth Forum

Calling young people with a passion for wildlife and the environment! Join our Youth Forum

Youth environmental activists make their voices heard at Stormont

On #InternationalYouthDay 2021, I am delighted to offer young people, in Northern Ireland, the opportunity to be part of the Ulster Wildlife Youth Forum. Youth Forum members act as representatives for young people within Ulster Wildlife. You will share and discuss your ideas and work together as advocates for wildlife and the environment.

This could involve helping us to plan events, training opportunities, advocacy opportunities and giving feedback to help guide our work with young people.


If the following criteria describes you, we would love to hear from you:

  • Age 14-24
  • Able to commit to attending at least 6 meetings over the next 12 months
  • Interested in online discussions, activities, and training opportunities
  • Interested in attending occasional environmental events, activities or workshops
  • Interested in ensuring the voices of young people concerned about wildlife and the environment are heard
  • Excited about influencing decisions around young people and the environment


Initiatives like this, give young people a voice, let us take charge, and allow us to make a difference to improve our future
Youth Forum member

Previous youth forum members say it’s a great network to be part of, linking up with like-minded young people, as well as getting to influence local decision makers.  It has also enhanced their work with other groups e.g. School Eco Clubs, Young Farmers Clubs, wildlife recording, climate strikes and youth politics. They say it’s encouraged them to do other things e.g. gain a community grant to improve a local area for biodiversity.  Some Youth Forum members have gone on to represent Northern Ireland in other youth programmes.  


International Youth Day

International Youth Day

Over the last year, despite lockdown, young people involved with Ulster Wildlife have been very productive. They benefitted from specialised training in media, advocacy and policy, worked to create a series of videos for the #LearnMoreOutdoors campaign, undertook radio and media interviews, and presentations, met politicians from across the political spectrum, and had the opportunity to give their insight on numerous consultations. Just as important are the friendships created in the group with young people supporting each other’s actions and celebrating each other’s successes. It’s truly inspiring work to be a part of this group’s commitment, energy and passion.


Don’t take my word for it though; here’s what our young leaders have to say about their experiences.

“This single year that I have had in these fantastic projects and programmes has been so fulfilling. I have gained so much in just one year that it will probably hold a mark on me for the rest of my life. I am so glad I took the opportunities further. Now I am always looking for more opportunities, and encouraging others to do the same.”  Arwen

“For me, personally, the group run by Ulster Wildlife is a safe place, where I feel encouraged and validated when sharing my opinion and thoughts on the climate crisis and the changes we need to see for a better future. It provides young people with hope and the opportunity to get involved in the decision making process.”  Andra

International Youth Day

International Youth Day

“I’ve loved being surrounded by so many like-minded people who are all passionate about the same issues. Climate anxiety and worries about eco-system breakdown are real for young people, and sometimes our fight can feel exhausting and pointless, especially when you watch the news or hear the way many politicians dismiss environmental issues. But then we all get together and it gives me the push to keep lobbying, keep campaigning, and to keep trying to make change. This positive attitude then carries over to other areas of my life, whether that is studying, parenting, or campaigning.” Ciara

“I have benefited both emotionally, intellectually and in gaining valuable friendships with others with a common interest and goal. In addition, my level of knowledge has improved. Our regular zoom calls have given me something to look forward to every week throughout the lockdown. The group has given me a sense of purpose, pride and camaraderie.” Emer

“The balance between working with adults to give us direction and connections, but with young people having the main voice makes us work efficiently and in an enjoyable manner. It's amazing to engage with other young people who care about the natural world, just as much as you, while creating positive change. “ Anna

With COP26 this year and the Northern Ireland elections next year, it will be an important and exciting time to be part of an advocacy and campaign group. I am excited to meet and work with a new generation of leaders. This is a role that you can make your own. It can be as big and exciting as you want it to be.

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