Nature Notes 22 June 2021

Nature Notes 22 June 2021

Balloo Wetland 

Observations from staff, volunteers and members on our Nature Reserves this week.

Nature reserves may look completely wild, but our 19 reserves across Northern Ireland are actually carefully managed by a dedicated team. We protect, restore and create a mix of habitats where wildlife can thrive.

Bog Meadows Nature Reserve

The first hedgehog survey was completed at Bog Meadows! We placed ten footprint tunnels around the nature reserve and we´ve already noticed hedgehog footprints. It’s so great to know they are there! Thanks so much to everyone that helped out. 

Find out more and sign up for the Irish Hedgehog Survey

~ Katy Bell, Senior Conservation Officer

Isle of Muck Nature Reserve

Thousands of breeding seabirds at our Isle of Muck Nature Reserve this week.

We also had a surprise visit from a pod of bottlenose dolphins. Did you know that you just need a picture of the bottlenose dolphin's fins to track them? Each bottlenose dolphin can be identified from the unique pattern of nicks and notches on their dorsal fin  ~ John McLaughlin, Nature Reserves Officer

Balloo Wetland Nature Reserve

The newly created meadow at Balloo Wetland has started showing the fruits of our labour. In the last week, we have seen the first flush of flowers. These cornfield annuals will provide a source of nectar and cover for pollinators and invertebrates and a burst of colour for us to enjoy too. They will eventually give way to the biennial and perennials in future years ~ Ryan Bradley, Nature Reserves Officer

Balloo Wetland

Balloo Wetland 

Glenullin Bog Nature Reserve

Today we spotted bog asphodel coming into flower at Glenullin Bog. Take a look at this four-spotted chaser too - quite a few on the nature reserve today. These dragonflies mate on the wing; the female then drops the eggs onto vegetation below the surface of the water ~ Andy Crory, Nature Reserves Manager