A beautiful nature reserve with an outstanding wooded river valley and parkland, which ranks as one of the best examples of its type in Western Europe.


Glenarm Estate, Munie Road
Co Antrim
BT44 0BD

OS Map Reference

D 304 111
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Know before you go

154 hectares

Entry fee


Parking information

Parking available at angler's car park at gates to the reserve

Grazing animals

Yes. May to December.


Forestry tracks. Medium terrain.

Only accessible to Ulster Wildlife members by permission only - please contact us to obtain prior  authorisation before arranging a visit


No dogs permitted

When to visit

Opening times

Open to members by permission only - please contact us.

Best time to visit

June to July, August to September

About the reserve

The woodland at Glenarm contains large numbers of ancient and veteran oak trees, as well as riverine and wet woodland habitats, home to an impressive array of wildlife.

Over 1,100 species were recorded during a 24-hour bio-blitz event in 2014 and there are species of fungi, lichens and insects here that are found nowhere else in Ireland.

In spring, the ancient woodland is swathed with bluebells, wild garlic and wood anemone along with scarce or range-restricted species such as toothwort – a rare parasitic plant - and wood cranesbill. Other tree species of interest include wild bird cherry and dark-leaved willow.

Breeding birds to listen out for in spring and summer include typical visitors such as blackcap, willow warbler and chiff-chaff, as well as less common species like treecreeper and jay. Winter brings a chance to stumble upon a woodcock or even a crossbill.

Along the Glenarm River, which is famous for Atlantic salmon and trout, keep your eyes peeled for dipper, kingfisher and grey wagtail. The rare river jelly lichen is also found here.

Butterflies on the wing during the summer include the cryptic wood white and silver-washed fritillary. The impressive moth list includes rarities such as slender brindle.

In autumn, a substantial range of diverse and rare fungi can be found in the woodland, including fragile amanite and glided brittlegill (also known as ‘brown brain’).

Almost every mammal found in Northern Ireland has been recorded here including pine marten, red squirrel, otter, badger and Irish hare, as well as seven out of the eight species of bat.

To help protect the ancient and veteran oaks at Glenarm and the rich wildlife they support, we remove competitive tree species growing around them – a process known as ‘halo-ing’.

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Ulster Wildlife
Contact number: 028 9045 4094

Environmental designation

Area of Special Scientific Interest (ASSI)