Isle Namanfin

A small island in Lower Lough Erne which is home to the rare ivy broomrape.


Lower Lough Erne
Near Rossigh
Co Fermanagh
BT94 1RB

OS Map Reference

H 160 561
A static map of Isle Namanfin

Know before you go

2 hectares

Entry fee



No public access. 


No dogs permitted

When to visit

Opening times

No public access.

Best time to visit

May to July

About the reserve

Isle Namanfin in Co Fermanagh is one of only a few places in Northern Ireland where the rare ivy broomrape is found – a plant that parasitizes the roots of ivy.

The buckthorn trees found on the island are home to a rare leaf-mining micro-moth: the buckthorn pygmy.

The scarce garden warbler, a summer visitor to Northern Ireland, has bred here in the past. Other interesting birds found here include song thrush, bullfinch and reed bunting.

The only mammal species recorded here is the otter.

We make regular visits to Isle Namanfin to monitor the rare ivy broomrape, and other interesting species found on the island.

Due to the small and isolated nature of the site, there is no public access.

Contact us

Ulster Wildlife
Contact number: 028 9045 4094

Environmental designation

Special Protection Areas (SPA)