Pledge to ‘Let Nature In’ to your garden

Pledge to ‘Let Nature In’ to your garden

Ulster Wildlife launches new year-long gardening campaign to help wildlife recover

Ulster Wildlife is encouraging everyone to give back to nature this year by sharing their gardens with wildlife.

The’ Let Nature In’ call comes as one in ten species in Northern Ireland is at risk of extinction.  Many of our much-loved common garden visitors – including hedgehogs, house sparrows, starlings and common frogs – are under threat. Pressure from habitat loss, pesticide use, and now the climate emergency, is taking a heavy toll.

Across Great Britain and Northern Ireland, it is estimated that there are 24 million gardens in total. Combined, they make up more land than all of the UK’s nature reserves and, according to the charity, have an enormous potential to help nature recover.

Dawn Miskelly, Director of Engagement at Ulster Wildlife, said:

“With nature in trouble, it’s so important that we use every single space to give wildlife a fighting chance, including our gardens. Gardens are a crucial part of the jigsaw puzzle, acting as stepping stones and green corridors for wildlife to move between larger wild spaces.

“Your garden doesn’t have to be a wild and messy jungle for wildlife to thrive; it can be a mosaic of mini habitats that come together to create a beautiful space, for both people and wildlife.

“Whether you’ve a large garden or tiny balcony, everybody can play their part – collectively we can do so much to give nature a boost and now’s the time to get started!”

The charity is arming the public with advice, insights and inspiration they need to make space for nature throughout the year.

Whether you’ve a large garden or tiny balcony, everybody can play their part – collectively we can do so much to give nature a boost and now’s the time to get started!

A FREE wildlife gardening starter guide is available to download at on signing up to the campaign.  This includes useful advice to help plan your wildlife friendly garden and top 10 easy wins you can take to let nature in:

  • Bee Friendly – Planting native species such as hawthorn, foxgloves, honeysuckle and red or white clover is brilliant for our bees and insects, which are facing huge global declines. Planting for every season provides a rich supply of nectar all year round.
  • Go pesticide & peat free - Going pesticide free, including ditching the slug pellets, stops harmful chemicals coming into contact with wildlife and your family. By swapping to peat-free compost, you will also be helping to save our precious peatlands and play a vital role in fighting climate change.

In addition, a monthly e-zine packed with everything from lawns and planting to hedgehogs will provide motivation throughout the seasons to make best use of your garden, for both wildlife and people to enjoy.

Exclusive gardening themed events and talks are also planned for gardeners who pledge their support.

To sign up to the ‘Let Nature in’ Campaign and to download you free guide to get started, visit