What we do

Binoculars (c) Zsuzsanna BirdBinoculars (c) Zsuzsanna Bird

We work to ensure wildlife has a future in Northern Ireland.

What we do

Straidkilly Nature Reserve: hazel and bluebellManage nature reserves for wildlife - We create and manage havens for local wildlife and people - we manage 18 nature reserves across Northern Ireland. We protect rare and threatened species like the red squirrel, barn owl, basking shark and Irish Hare. Our hands-on approach has transformed the fortunes of some of NI's most threatened species. Read more about the Ulster Wildlife Nature Reserves.

Support community environmental action - We work at the heart of the community - with local people of all ages and backgrounds - to boost the wildlife value of local parks, green spaces and wild places. Find out what's on and how you can get help with our work.

Campaign on behalf of local wildlife - We lobby government, elected representatives and other decision makers, such as civil servants and business leaders, to ensure policy and practice is in place to protect our local wildlife, both on our land and in our seas.

Teach people about nature - We believe that by engaging with people to help them to value both the local and global environment, and the role that humans have within it, we can secure a healthy future for both people and wildlife. We inspire thousands of children each year through school visits, family events and our Wildlife Watch. Read more in our Discover and Learn section.

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To find out more about our work and recent activities, please see Ulster Wildlife publications


How we work

We strive to base all our work for wildlife on sound knowledge and science. Involving people of all ages and in all communities in our nature conservation work is also very important. Our preference is to work in partnership with others, such as local communities, companies, local and regional government and organisations of many kinds.


  • Environmental Farming Scheme Planner & Group Facilitator

    Salary: £26,921 to £28,378 per annum
    Closing date: Monday 26th November 2018
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What's on

Sea Deep talk : The endangered sharks and rays around NI

Sunday 18th November 2018,
7.00pm - 9.00pm

Venue: Sunflower Pub, 65 Union St, Belfast

Find out about the different sharks, skates and rays found around our coast.

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