My volunteering diary 11 March 2021

My volunteering diary 11 March 2021

Being a volunteer with Ulster Wildlife is a big adventure, you never know what’s going to happen, and you have to be ready for everything. Join the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteers' weekly adventures, narrated by an ESC from the Natures Reserve team.

My name is Monica and I’m one of the ESC volunteers from the Nature Reserves Team.

During these following six months I will be sharing my experiences in Ulster Wildlife within the ESC programme. But I’m not alone in this adventure; we are a group of four volunteers coming from Spain and France.  We are eager to learn, discover, enjoy and protect wildlife.

Let's have a quick presentation

Luisa Lopez
Luisa, from Spain

She finished her degree in Biology last year and wants to gain experience in the environmental conservation sector. She is also currently collaborating with the Living Seas team as she is very passionate about marine biology.

Mathieu, from France

He has previous experience on environmental conservation. With a degree in Geography, he worked as assistant ranger with the National Trust and as a trainee warden with RSPB. He also has good bird identification skills. 

Eduardo Fernandez
Eduardo, from Spain

He is a Geography graduate and has a masters degree in biology diversity and environment. He is passionate about reptiles and is able to find them even where you least expect them!  

Monica Abaurrea
Monica, from Spain

Unlike my housemates, my studies were not related to wildlife, I have studied sports and physical activity science. I love nature and being outdoors. This is my first experience in environmental conservation and wildlife. 

But it's not just the four of us taking part in the ESC programme! We are sharing this experience with two other volunteers that join us sometimes in the nature reserves. 

Ive Rouart
Ive, from France

She is a Living Landscapes assistant in Ulster Wildlife and sometimes comes and helps the Nature Reserves Team once per week. She has previous experience in nature conservation and a degree in Biology and a master in Environmental Biology and Behavioural Ecology.  


Laura Font
Laura, from Spain

She finished a degree in Advertising & Public Relations and is part of the communications team in Ulster Wildlife. Sometimes we have the pleasure to have her in our Nature Reserves, She is one of the people who helps us to show you everything that is happening week by week in the organisation.  

So this is the ESC team!

It’s very hard to explain what we do because each day we live a different adventure. There are a variety of things that have to be done, and they change depending on the reserve, the season, the weather... So I’ll be sharing our great adventures on Ulster Wildlife's Nature Reserves every two weeks!