Protect wildlife at sea

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Protect wildlife at sea

Cuckoo wrasse (c) Paul Naylor

Helping to bring our seas back to life

The seas surrounding our shores are filled with a diversity of life, from colourful corals to magnificent minke whales. But our marine environment is at risk. Intensive fishing, plastic pollution, and development continue to threaten the delicate balance of life at sea. We are helping to bring our seas back to life in a number of ways:

Campaigning for Marine Protected Areas - we campaign for parts of the seabed and the sea to be protected from damaging activities, as one of the lead partners in the NI Marine Task Force. 

Fisheries policy - balanced fishing policies that help to protect our marine environment and ensure a sustainable fishing industry, is a key focus of our policy work through the NI Marine Task Force. 

Saving endangered sea life - we champion endangered sharks, skates and rays in our local seas by working alongside sea anglers, schools and community groups through our Sea Deep project

Sustainable Fish Cities - we are campaigning to achieve Sustainable Fish City status for Belfast & Derry/L'Derry, by securing commitment from local businesses and organisations to buying, serving and promoting only fish from sustainable sources. Find out more and get involved

Surveying - we run surveys along the coast and under the sea to gather information on marine habitats and wildlife.

Advising on development - we help to ensure that developments at sea, like wind farms, avoid the most important parts of the sea for wildlife.

Inspiring people about the sea - we run events around the coast from talks to rockpool rambles and underwater snorkel safaris. 

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