In-Memory Giving

Reeds (c) Joy RussellReeds (c) Joy Russell

In-memory giving, for example leaving a legacy or making a donation in lieu of flowers, helps ensure that the vital work of conserving the countryside and wildlife of Northern Ireland will continue.

A Will for Wildlife

A gift for future generations

Over the years our members and supporters have remembered us in their will.

Our local wildlife is a gift that should be passed on to future generations. Once family and friends have been cared for, you can make Northern Ireland's wildlife your legacy by leaving Ulster Wildlife a gift in your Will.

If you are considering making a bequest then please read on for some advice on how to go about it.

A Will for Wildlife - If you have already made a will

If you have already made a Will and would like to include a legacy to Ulster Wildlife, all you have to do is:-
• Contact your solicitor
• Instruct the solicitor that you would like to leave a legacy
• Discuss the details of the legacy
• Your solicitor can then add your request to your will (this is known as a Codicil)

A Will for Wildlife - If you have yet to make a will

The first step is to speak to a solicitor. This ensures that your will is legally correct and that all your wishes are carried out.

Your solicitor will discuss all aspects of your bequest including whether you would like to leave a legacy to any charity.
Your solicitor can then help you to:-
• Value your estate
• Choose those friends and relatives you would like to receive a gift
• Decide what you would like them to receive
• Choose your Executors (people whose duty it is to carry out the wishes in your Will)
• Include any charities you would like to remember in your will

A Will for Wildlife - The three types of legacy

Specific Bequest:- This is when you choose to leave a specific item such as a painting, jewellery or even your home.

Pecuniary Bequest:- This is when you leave a specific sum of money to a person, organisation or charity. Please remember that inflation may impact on the amount the beneficiary may actually receive.

Residual Bequest:- This is when you choose to leave whatever is left over once all of your other bequests have been made and all the costs met. A Residual Bequest is the most valuable gift to Ulster Wildlife as your legacy will be less affected by inflation.

A Will for Wildlife - contact

If you need any further information contact us in confidence, and do let us know if you have included a legacy to Ulster Wildlife in your will. This helps us plan for the future and ensures that we keep you up to date with our work.

In-Memory Secretary

Ulster Wildlife

McClelland House

10 Heron Road



Donations in Lieu of Flowers

We are also very grateful for donations in lieu of flowers after a bereavement. Many people see this as a way of providing a lasting memorial to their loved one. If you would like to discuss arranging donations in lieu of flower, please email

Tribute Funds 

We now have a new internet in memory giving facility that allows you to set up an online tribute fund to commemorate a loved one. This fund will allow you and others, to give donations, when you like, to Ulster Wildlife in memory of someone who has died.

Many choose to give donations in this way to mark special occasions associated with their loved one, such as an anniversary or a holiday, such as Easter or Christmas.

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