Nature Notes 30 March 2021

Observations from staff and members on our Nature Reserves this week.

Nature reserves may look completely wild, but our 19 reserves across Northern Ireland are actually carefully managed by a dedicated team. We protect, restore and create a mix of habitats where wildlife can thrive.

Bog Meadows Nature Reserve

Our Trainees and Volunteers undertook training on butterfly surveys and moth trapping, thanks to the knowledge and expertise of Andrew Crory, our Nature Reserves Manager. 

They have also been working on creating a mini woodland trail in the nature reserve. This will be a great area for engaging young children in nature-based activities, when we can safely bring groups out again. ~ Deborah McLaughlin, Bog Meadows Community Engagement Officer

Bog Meadows, Butterfly Training

Peatlands Park

Not an Ulster Wildlife nature reserve, but one of the many peatland sites we are helping to restore across NI as part of the Collaborative Action for Natura Network (CANN) project. 

Our Peatlands Team had great help last week, as our ESC Volunteers and Nature Skills Trainees. Luisa, Monica, Eduardo and Ricky cleared rhododendron at Peatlands Park. Although we usually have to stop this type of work during bird breeding season, we asked NIEA to allow us to continue 2m each side of the paths, as it was unlikely birds would be nesting so close ~ Trish Fox, Senior Technical Officer

Glenarm Nature Reserve

Lots of frog spawn at Glenarm Nature Reserve. In the first picture, you can see the egg with the cell. Then, the hemispheres divide and the embryo forms with a head and fins. Get ready to see lots of frogs this spring! ~ Eduardo Fernandez, ESC Volunteer